Starz Program for Girls is a diverse, long-standing, exercise program encompassing a variety of fitness techniques for 6 to 16 year old girls. Our mission is to provide the highest education & quality to our young ladies in a nurturing, educational, fun, safe environment.

Classical preparation & posture is one of our focuses, in addition to boosting our Starz self-esteem and confidence. Hip Hop fun and Zumba excitement are included in our Starz Program. As well as a certified, licensed Karate Center. Furthermore, this year, we have added AntiGravity® Fitness to our repertoire!

We pride ourselves on recruiting the highest quality of instructors to train your young girls. This program started with the idea of giving girls an environment other than school that they can prosper in.

The Starz Program has a special yearly Recital for all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Cousins and friends to attend and watch and enjoy their Starz performance on stage!!


Spectrum Wellness Center is a women and girls Wellness Center in Saudi Arabia that focuses on three aspects of a woman’s life; Fitness, Nutrition, and Beauty. A woman of any age requires attention and care to her well-being, as well as her self esteem. We believe if she is provided with the right care and education, she can achieve her goals within Spectrum and emerge a healthier, happier and more beautiful version of herself.

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