Group exercise

At Spectrum routine will never feel like
routine. With so many ways to train and
over 20 fitness classes per week, all
included in your membership, you will
always find something new to keep your
body on its toes and your fitness plan on
the cutting edge.
From high intensity to gentle
reconditioning and everything in
between, the options are too numerous
to list. Explore our range of group
exercise classes and find the ones that
will inspire you to achieve your health
and fitness goals


    Spectrum Wellness Center is a women and girls Wellness Center in Saudi Arabia that focuses on three aspects of a woman’s life; Fitness, Nutrition, and Beauty. A woman of any age requires attention and care to her well-being, as well as her self esteem. We believe if she is provided with the right care and education, she can achieve her goals within Spectrum and emerge a healthier, happier and more beautiful version of herself.

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