Sugaring is a clean, water-soluble method of waxing.
A safe and efficient way removing hair in the direction of natural growth minimizing discomfort, damage, and re-growth.

  • Halawa Full Body With Bikini 
  • Halawa Under Arm
  • Halawa Full Legs
  • Halawa Full Arms
  • Halawa Half Arms
  • Halawa Half Legs
  • Halawa Face
  • Halawa Bikini
  • Halawa Full Body  
  • Halwa Mustache
  • Halawa Mustache and Chin


Using natural Wax with essential oils for gentle hair removal of all skin & hair types

  • Waxing Full body With Bikini 
  • Waxing Under Arm
  • Waxing Full Legs
  • Waxing Full Arms
  • Waxing Half Arms
  • Waxing Half Legs
  • Waxing Face
  • Waxing Bikini
  • Waxing Full Body
  • Waxing Mustache
  • Waxing Mustache W chin

5 Session Full Body (6-month validity) 2000 SR + 1 free variable Pulsed Light (VPL)

Great news for women who want to permanently rid themselves of excess hair Ultra VPLTM uses evolved light technology to deliver a sequence of rapid pulses of light energy to the skin for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. The flexibility of this system guarantees clients will be treated with the optimum individual settings for the skin and hair type.
Must see a Specialist for a consultation.


Spectrum Wellness Center is a women and girls Wellness Center in Saudi Arabia that focuses on three aspects of a woman’s life; Fitness, Nutrition, and Beauty. A woman of any age requires attention and care to her well-being, as well as her self esteem. We believe if she is provided with the right care and education, she can achieve her goals within Spectrum and emerge a healthier, happier and more beautiful version of herself.

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