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Moroccan Bath

  • Normal Moroccan Bath with lufa 350SAR
  • Fruit Moroccan Bath with lufa 450SAR
  • Crape Moroccan Bath with lufa 450SAR
  • Almond Moroccan Bath with lufa 450SAR
  • lavender Moroccan Bath with lufa 500SAR
  • Akkar Moroccan Bath with lufa 500SAR
  • Argan Moroccan Bath with lufa 500SAR
  • Gold Mask Moroccan Bath with lufa 650SAR
  • Chocolate Morracon Bath with lufa 450SAR
  • Coffee Moroccan Bath with lufa 450SAR
  • Kids Moroccan Bath 150SAR

Thermal Mud Wrap

  • An algae body mask under the thermal electric blanket will stimulate fatty deposits by draining fluids out of the body. Leaving the skin detoxified and rejuvenated 250 SR


  • Relaxing Massage 1hr 250SAR
  • Relaxing Massage 30min 200SAR
  • Swedish Massage 300SAR
  • Swedish Massage 30min 250SAR
  • Slimming Massage 350SAR
  • Hot Stone Massage 1HR 400SAR
  • Hot Stone Massage 90 MIN 500SAR
  • Sports Massage 350SAR


  • LPG Body 300 SR
  • LPG Face 200 SR
  • LPG Breast 150 SR

An anti-cellulite treatment that also purifies your system

  • For a slimmer, contoured body with firmer, smoother skin.
  • 12 sessions 2760 SR
  • 16 sessions 3520 SR
  • 24 sessions 4800 SR
    Clothes = 200




Spectrum Wellness Center is a women and girls Wellness Center in Saudi Arabia that focuses on three aspects of a woman’s life; Fitness, Nutrition, and Beauty. A woman of any age requires attention and care to her well-being, as well as her self esteem. We believe if she is provided with the right care and education, she can achieve her goals within Spectrum and emerge a healthier, happier and more beautiful version of herself.

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